Paul L. Johns - Executive Vice President - Chief Operating Officer

Paul was the Sax player/sideman who wrote charts.  With nine and ten piece bands, featuring horn sections, virtually everywhere, they all needed an effective and fast arranger.  While associated with Rufus Mitchell’s ACE Promotions, a major east coast booking agency and show promoter with national ties, he pinned show charts for local and touring bands.  Jimmy Dotson, Winfield Parker, Kenny Hamber, Arthur Conley, Percy Sledge, Jimmy Hughes and Wilson Pickett were among those using “PJ’s” theater charts.  A natural progression occurred when a “PJ” arrangement was released on Ru Jac Records.  Soon Aar O Dot Records were also using his session arrangements and by 1968 he started to produce session arrangements for Bay Sound Records where he teamed up with Robert Bell.  The Bay Sound days were productive.  However, in 1997 a project with the female vocal group, “Finale”, was the catalyst to form a new label, Trebor Records.  Trebor is “Ready for the World”, it represents a contemporary approach with fresh new artist.


Tail Spin  CD                               Trebor Records          Cyrus                Co-Producer
Come Home  CD                         Trebor Records           Cyrus                Co-Producer
Finale Big Girls Don't Cry CD    Trebor Records           Finale               Co-Producer   
September Song                          Gumption Records     Bleu Lights        Arranger
I’m Waiting For You                     Dayland Records       Bob Israel            Arranger
Yes I Do                                       Bay Sound                 Bleu Lights           Arranger
A Lonely Man’s Prayer                 Bay Sound               Bleu Lights           Arranger
When You Love Someone             Bay Sound               Chaumonts          Arranger
Loving Soft Soul                           Bay Sound               Chaumonts          Arranger
The End of MY Dreams                 Bay Sound               Bleu Lights           Arranger
I Love You Just The Same             Ru Jac                    Winfield Parker     Arranger
To Be Your Lover                          Ru Jac                   Jimmy Dotson        Arranger
Oh My Love                                  Ru Jac                   Winfield Parker      Arranger
Let Me Go Easy                            Ru Jac                   Gene & Eddie         Arranger
Drums and Bells of Christmas        Ru Jac                   Saturday               Co-Producer Arranger
Changes                                      Ru Jac                   Saturday               Co-Producer Arranger
What Do You Say?                        Ru Jac                   Winfield Parker      Arranger


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